More about us

The Mangrove Maniacs are a non-profit organization, based on Bonaire, who are working to increase awareness, conservation and restoration efforts of local mangrove areas and to share its knowledge and expertise in the region.  This work is to build resilience against the threat of climate change and to restore mangrove areas for future use.

In 2015 the project Ecological Restoration of Lac Bay and South Bonaire was launched to restore Lac Bay with the main focus on the mangrove area. Lac Bay is a non estuarine lagoon bordered with the largest mangrove area of the Dutch Caribbean. Mangroves are threatened world wide by a scala of threats. On Bonaire the main threat is the decreasing vegetation in the watershed. The resulting erosion causes a build up of sediments in the back area. This results in a smothering with fine sediments of the root system and and increased salinity. Removing the cause of the erosion and improving the water circulation are the main actions to protect the mangroves and improve the environmental conditions. During the project a group of involved scientist and volunteers was formed that continues the work after the project finished in 2019.

Our Vision

To achieve healthy and resilient mangrove and mangrove ecosystems on Bonaire.

Our Mission

Mangrove Maniacs are dedicated to research, monitoring, restoration, protection and encourage community engagement within the mangroves and mangrove ecosystems of Bonaire.