Mangroves in the Spotlight

The Mangrove Maniacs have been fortunate enough to receive quite a bit of media attention over the last few years.  From Taiwan to Germany, we’ve been making international headlines.  We are always proud to show off all the hard work our volunteers and supporters have put into our projects.


This is Bonaire

This video captures some of the most spectacular natural wonders of Bonaire.  Tune in to minute 2:48 for stunning mangrove footage.

Nederlands Dagblad

Sabine Engel staat tot de schouders in het water om Bonaires mangrovebos te redden.

Bonaire Reporter

Mangrove Maniacs got a very nice front page shout out in this issue of the Bonaire Reporter.

Bonaire Reporter

Mangrove Maniacs coordinated a World Biodiversity Day fair, inviting nature organizations from across the island to come together to celebrate the island’s unique biodiversity.


Local newspaper highlighted the latest outplanting event for World Mangrove Day.


500 mangroves planted along the southern wetlands in celebration of World Mangrove Day.

Nature Today

A collaboration between the Mangrove Maniacs and the University of Twente was set up to investigate the hydrodynamic properties of the area and looked into the effects of creek restoration.

Local paper highlights record breaking mangrove outplanting, with over 1300 red and black mangroves planted in a single day!

Nature Today

A new collaborative project with Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences monitored and mapped these newly planted mangroves.


Local newspaper showcased latest outplanting efforts by the Mangrove Maniacs.

Biodiversity Day Fair

To celebrate Bonaire’s Biodiversity, Mangrove Maniacs hosted a Nature Fair where all the different nature organizations could showcase their work.

Bon Bini Bonaire

Bon Bini Bonaire highlighted the latest work of the Mangrove Maniacs, including the record breaking outplanting event held in September


Greenpeace Magazine

Greenpeace Magazine Germany published an article in March of 2021 featuring the stunning photos of Lorenzo Mittiga and featured the work conducted by the Mangrove Maniacs.


Selected within top 10 of Trouw’s top 100 sustainable citizen initiative in The Kingdom of The Netherlands in 2020.

Rhythms Monthly

Taiwanese magazine Rhythms Monthly featured the work of Reef Renewal Bonaire and the Mangrove Maniacs in their January 2021 issue.

Reformatorisch Dagblad

This article published on March 29th highlights the work completed by the Mangrove Maniacs and pays a nice tribute to the heart and soul of the organization, Sabine Engel.

Dutch Army in the Mangroves

Manias enlisted the help of the Dutch 11th Airmobile Brigrade to help clear out and maintain a few of the important water channels in mangrove forests of Lac Bay.

BES Reporter

TCB has welcomed a number of visiting photographers and content developers to the island to highlight local efforts to increase environmental sustainability.


Dutch National Radio

Finishing off the year in style, Maniac Lia Avis was interviewed on Dutch national radio BNN VARA and gave a wonderful overview of the various ongoing Mangrove Maniac projects.

Sustainable Top 100 of Trouw

Selected within top 10 of Trouw’s top 100 sustainable citizen initiative in The Kingdom of The Netherlands in 2020.

Divers for the Environment

Friend of the Maniacs, Lorenzo Mittiga, was featured in Divers for the Environment Magazine’s September 2020 issue and shared a beautiful series of photos and gave us a nice little shout out.

Nature Today

Nature Today featured a nice article for World Wetlands Day 2020 spotlighting the Mangrove Maniacs.

Bonaire Reporter

Selected within top 10 of Trouw’s top 100 sustainable citizen initiative in The Kingdom of The Netherlands in 2020.


Brush up on your German or simply enjoy the stunning aerial shots captured while the Maniacs were featured in MareTV’s December 2020 Dutch Caribbean special.  (jump to 7:47 to go straight into the mangroves)