Mangrove forests are in a constant state of evolution, creeping towards or away from the water to find the perfect balance for new growth.  Human development coupled with degraded natural conditions means these forests aren’t able to keep up with these challenges.  Slowly, these forests become squeezed out.  The Maniacs are dedicated to ensuring mangroves will always have a place here on Bonaire, and one way in which we are accomplishing this is through reforestation.  Whether its within the degraded areas of the back forest or along the coast, the Maniacs are working to ensure healthy future generations for these important habitats.

Reforestation Projects

Degraded Areas

Reforestation coupled with the important work of reopening historic channels to improve water circulation will help jumpstart regrowth within the back mangrove areas.  This area has suffered from infilling and land based pollution, leading to mass die back of this forest.  Our efforts will give this area the support it needs to grow back stronger and healthier.

Coastal Areas

Mangroves along the coastline provide an important first line of defense against erosion, storm surges and sea level rise.  The dense root systems of the mangroves work to break up waves and anchor sediments.  In addition, these trees provide critical nesting and feeding areas for a wide variety of birds, crustaceans and fish, working to improve overall biodiversity.  By acting as a buffer between land and sea, these trees also filter water and decrease the amount of pollutants which make it to the neighboring coral reefs.