Research wishlist

We are always looking for new research and partnership opportunities to build capacity and local knowledge.  Below you will find a list of potential research topics we would like to explore in the future.  If you have research that would help contribute to this or would like to partner together in the future, please feel free to contact us.

Lac Bay

  • Improved understanding of historical extent of the mangrove forest
    • Geological Data
    • Aerial Photographs
    • Literature Review (Scheffers 2006, Max Engel , Meesters and Davaasuren)
    • Awa di Lodo – occurrence of mangrove peat
    • Satellite Imagery (Mucher 2020)
  • Improved understanding of native flora composition of adjacent forested areas of Lac Bay
  • Quantify the extent of which proposed solutions (construction of dams, reforestation) help reduce sedimentation of Lac
    • Analysis of the effectiveness of Fofoti reforestation site
    • Continuation of work to understand sediment transport within the catchment area (previous study by Lan Remeta 2022)
  • Quantify the impact of fine sediments on the health and regrowth of mangroves (previous study by Rik Vandermeulen 2022, Femke van der Drift 2022)
  • Quantify the hydrological connectivity of the different creeks: Kreek di Taco and Kreek di Pedro (prevoius study by Rob van Zee 2022)
    • Measure salinity fluctuations at creeks during a peak-neap cycle
    • Salinity profile of Lac Bay


  • Impact of sargassum on mangroves (previous study by Luuk Leemans 2022, Ana Contreras 2022)
  • Improved strategies for removing sargassum
  • Heavy metal content and impact of sargassum (previous study by Christiaan Tempelman 2022, Gulsah Droguer 2022, Ana Contreras 2022)
  • Sargassum monitoring
  • Contributions of sargassum to eutrophication (previous study by Rita Peachey, Thijs Hofstede 2022, STINAPA, RESEMBID)
    • Water quality monitoring

Blue Carbon

  • Potential of mangroves and or seagrass beds for generating carbon credits
    • Determining carbon stock of mangroves (peat layer, above ground biomass (previous study Flo Senger 2021)
    • Determining carbon stock of different species of seagrass (data available in studies of  Marjolijn JA Christensen and Fee Smulders)
    • Analyzing samples with LOI (Loss on ignition)

Coastal Protection

  • Potential of mangroves for coastal protection (previous work by Jasper Raaymakers 2022, Shamyi Lanjouw 2022, Univ Twente 2022-current)
    • In collaboration with:
      • Univ. Twente – Erik Horstman
      • WUR – Klaas Metselaar

Overall mangrove research

  • Impact on Sustainable Development Goals
  • Impact of Climate Change
  • White mangroves
    • Occurrence, niche, importance, propagation
  • Influence sulfides on mangrove recruitment/restoration success (previous work by Matteo Bravo 2022)
    • Collaboration with Gerard Muizenberg, UvA
    • Occurrence of Thiomargarita magnifica 
      • Collaboration with Guadeloupe, Muizenberg

Contact us for more information or partnership opportunities