Mangrove Restoration Workshop

October 25-28th, 2021

The Mangrove Restoration Workshop is the first, in what we intend to be a series, of knowledge sharing opportunities. The goal is to bring together researchers, conservationists, park authorities or anyone passionate about nature restoration to exchange lessons learned concerning mangrove restoration techniques.

The workshop will span four days, where days one and two include a wide variety of presentations and days three and four consist of field visits and excursions.

Funding and support was provided by the Regional activity centre for the Specially Protected Areas and Wildlife (CAR SPAW), Mangrove Maniacs, STINAPA Bonaire and the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance.

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Workshop Presentations

Atlantic Standard Time (AST) or UTC -4.

All presentations cleared for public released have been added to the Dutch Caribbean Biodiversity Database.  Please use the button below for links to the presentations.

Day 1: Presentations

08:00Workshop Kickoff
Sabine Engel, Jessica Johnson (Mangrove Maniacs)
08:30Welcome presentation
Sandrine Pivard (CAR SPAW), Jan van der Ploeg (STINAPA),
Tadzio Bervoets (DCNA)
09:30Using BESE for coastal restoration
Marjolijn Christianen (WUR),
Karin Didderen (Bureau Waardenburg)
10:15Mangrove RESCUE – Mangrove Resilience for Enhanced Safety of Coastal Urbanizations and Environments
Erik Horstman (Twente University)
11:00Aruba National Park Foundation (FPNA) Overview
Giancarlo Nunes (FPNA),
Anthony Koolman (FPNA)

11:30Trees for Aruba, Lanta y Planta Overview
Anita Aerts (Ban Lanta y Planta),
Yvonne Brouwers (Ban Lanta y Planta)

12:00Lunch break
13:00Martinique’s Roots of the Sea Overview
Olivia Ozier (Roots of the Sea)
13:30Curaçao’s CARMABI Overview
Erik Houtepen (Carmabi Curaçao)
14:00Impact of Sargassum
Luuk Leemans (Radboud University Nijmegen)
14:30Regreening the Island
Cindy Eman (Yu di Tera representing Uniek Curaçao)
15:00Bonaire’s Mangrove Restoration Projects
Sabine Engel (Mangrove Maniacs)
Jessica Johnson (Coastal Dynamics, Mangrove Maniacs)
15:30Engaging Students in Mangrove Conservation
Tatiana Becker (Independent),
Tobia de Scisciolo (University of Aruba)

Day 2: Presentations


08:30Utilizing Citizen Science
Sabine Engel (Mangrove Maniacs)
09:00What’s Blue Carbon got to do with it?
Lucy Gwen Gillis (IMDC Experts in water)

09:30Mangroves of the Bahamas
Lindy Knowles (Bahamas National Trust)

10:15Effective Student Involvement
Jessica Johnson (Coastal Dynamics, Mangrove Maniacs),
Sabine Engel (Mangrove Maniacs)
10:45Maximizing Volunteer Contributions
Arno Verhoeven (Mangrove Maniacs)
11:15Diagnosing Mangrove Forest Degradation Causes and Formulating Restoration Plans
Camilo Trench (University of West Indies Jamaica)
12:00Lunch break
13:00 A Doughnut-shaped Impact Assessment for Mangrove Restoration
Thyrza Zoons (Climate Cleanup)
13:30St. Lucia National Trust Foundation
14:00Monitoring Water Quality
Roxanne-Liana Francisca (STINAPA)
15:00Why Planting?
Monique Grol (STINAPA Junior Rangers)
Sabine Engel (Mangrove Maniacs)

Day 3: Field visit and work

MorningBlack mangroves
AfternoonRed mangroves (including nurseries)

Day 4: Field work and Excursion

MorningSan Jose and southwest coast outplanting
AfternoonExcursion to Tera Barra and Echo
ClosurePosada Paramira (pending)

Channel Maintenance and Nurseries

Visit Tera Barra

Terrestrial and Coastal Reforestation

Visit Echo

Important locations

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Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance
56 Kaya Nikiboko Zuid, Kralendijk
+599 717 5010

The Lodge Bed & Breakfast
12 Kaya Inglatera, Kralendijk
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